Monday, April 18, 2011


this is coachella weekend and tons of my friends are there right now. some are performing and some are dancing in the crowd. two years ago, when niko was only 10 months old we got to go because nikos papa was playing and it was awesome! even taking niko was cool, not that i would take him again but i still enjoyed myself and glad niko was there to watch his papa perform. on the way there i remember niko and i getting carsick but not sure which one of us got sicker... hmm.. its been a while. yes, i remember the heat but more than that, i remember the incredible music played that night. i only got to go one day out of the three and again i don't remember which day. wow, i thought i had a good memory, turns out i don't. and okay, i know my post isn't current, i know. not much happened this Sunday and i do kinda wish i watched my friends perform this weekend. its such a beautiful feeling to watch your family and friends perform their own music. i am so proud to have such talented friends and try to show support in any way i can. and watching my boyfriend play coachella with my baby boy next to me, an epic moment in my life. my friends went with us. in separate cars because raoul had to take off right after his set to perform again in L.A. so we rode back with our friends Liza and Raymond. Niko got to see M.I.A. perform and took pictures with his friends, Flying Lotus and Daedelus. i posted a few videos below but they're not very good quality. the one i recorded of Flylo isn't very good either since i recorded it while i was behind him. it was an overwhelming amount of good music! i loved it!  i can't wait to hear the coachella stories from my friends that are there! xoxo Liz

Niko's face! he wore a onesie all day until it got dark. it was HOT.
6blocc- aka my love.
my little family at Coachella - one month before the Luna bump.

me and my little Bee!
our awesome friends Liza and Ramon
Gaslamp Killer and us. 
on our way to see M.I.A.! 
Niko - Daedelus (don't believe Nikos face, he's a nice guy!)
Flying Lotus
Niko crashed out on the stage at Coachella. 
6Blocc aka Papa - Niko 
Flying Lotus - Niko

some pictures taken by Regal D

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Kimberly said...

great photos so adorable! love your outfit! thanks for entering the giveaway!

giveaway on my blog!

Marcela said...

How fun! He is such a cutie and obviously one cool baby/toddler ( :

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