Monday, April 7, 2014


i was recently invited to eat at medieval times with a group of friends that i love but rarely get to hang out with xenia, julie and jachel. i had never been there before but had heard so much about and let me tell you, it was wayyy too much fun! first of all to get dressed up out of my everyday jeans, tshirt and sandals was nice, then to relax and have a sweet sangria drink with a couple of ladies that totally get me, even better. we sat down and then then the show began, it was like being in a movie! we were able to scream and cheer on our knight and our allies and boo at the top of our lungs the enemies. i think i let out a bit of built up anxiety there haha. what an exciting show to watch while the knights were fighting i enjoyed every single minute of this night and cannot wait to go with my little family one day, i know niko will love it as much as i did!

thank you to xenia from raised by culture for putting this night together and medieval times for hosting! i wish we could do this more often! 

last three photos taken from xenias instagram :) 

also check out this deal medieval times is having right now. if you want to go, now is the time! & remember it is free on your birthday!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


when you think of weekends, what's the first thing that pops into your head? i think of sleeping in. and for the past few weekends i have been woken up by chairs being slammed into our wooden floor by my five year old. this boy of mine screams at the top of his lungs, "i want waffles!" and its not even 8am yet. any other morning i wake him up for school, he completely fights opening his eyes and getting out of bed. on this particular morning, i woke up and made him his waffles, asked him to use his manners and say please and thank you. i turned on the tv and let him watch cartoons while he ate his waffles. i started making myself coffee because well, i ain't going back to bed! then suddenly while i thought he was going to thank me for the delicious frozen waffles i popped in the toaster for him, he throws the plate at me and says "i can't feel the syrup!" with only one piece of waffle left. i was so stunned by his rudeness, i was at a loss for words. 
how can my kid turn into such a little punk overnight? some people say its a stage but how can i just sit back and wait till he magically becomes the sweet well mannered boy i want him to be? don't get me wrong, he's a sweet boy, and funny and considerate when he feels like it. at times i just think to myself, how did we get here? and why does he go there with me... motherhood is full of challenges for me, but i am not giving up even when i feel i am beaten down. 

                                       niko being a grump when he was about a year old. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


i don't know when im going to magically become a morning person. i thought it would happen as i got older but i struggle to get up and at night i hesitate to get myself to bed when i am clearly drained from the day. my body aches and i feel my eyes getting low. at the same time though, i have never felt so accomplished and useful in my life. i am getting things done with the kids working on lunas school stuff and then the regular home stuff. it is amazing where i am now in my life. niko got student of the month award and it felt so good to see him being recognized and you know im totally giving myself credit for that too.
i haven't yet wrote down any new years resolutions but who am i kidding? i don't stick to them. i do however have so many fears and insecurities i want to get over. and getting back on here and blogging regularly is one of them. almost every single day for about six months i thought about blogging and didn't. sometimes i felt too tired and other times i thought nobody cares anyway. but whether anybody reads or checks out my photos, this is my little space and i should take advantage of this little space to clear my head.
i hope you are having a great start in the new year! xo, liz

Friday, July 26, 2013


one of my all time favorite cities is san francisco, its filled with art and adventure and every time i've been its hard to come back home. and since its been about three years since i last went, i am grateful i get small glimpses through the eyes of my friend marvin. i think that's what i love about instagram, people share (for the most part) the beauty & joys in their life. 
for about a year now, i have been following marvin and his girlfriend amalia on ig. they are the sweetest couple living in san francisco with their adorable cat lula. their home is super cute, they collect vintage toys and blythe dolls and one of my favorite things about them is that they take evening walks and share some amazing views with us. i felt obligated to share one of my favorite feeds on here so enjoy. below are photos from marvin's feed on instagram ;)

thank you Marvin for sharing your photos with us! for more of Marvin's colorful world follow him on instagram @relaxbabybecool and also, listen & download "Fool of a kind" by his band Marine Life.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It isn't too often that i get to hang out with friends and enjoy a few drinks. So when I got invited to this beer and beauty themed event i was stoked. Little did I know I'd get to not only be with the coolest moms on the planet (juie and jess) but have some delicious fruit flavored beer from Goose Island (my favorite was the Sophie beer), eat amazing chocolate flavors by Wild Ophelia, get my brows waxed and makeup touched up with an including gift card to purchase makeup from Benefit Cosmetics ... Come on, my mind was blown but I had to play it cool like it was no biggie, but it was. I thoroughly enjoyed my outing with Julie, chatting with her and Jess was so refreshing and uplifting. It totally makes me want to plan a girls night and serve these fruit flavored beer, some flavors included blackberries and others had a citrus twist to them. And the packaging was pretty and feminine, so glad I know about Goose Island beer now, before this beer wasn't too appealing to me! The Wild Ophelia chocolates had flavors of peanut butter-banana, bbq potato chips, beef jerky and southern hibiscus peach, they were all amazing but I gotta say the bbq potato chips were my fave. The ladies working at Benefit were really nice and helpful, they made me feel so comfortable. I once was a makeup artist, long ago when I didn't have babies and now I am a stranger to makeup it seems. I rarely wear it and when I do, I feel weird. The girl who touched up my makeup applied a purplish lipstick and it was actually nice to have something different on my face. I have worn the same lipstick since the 90's, yes the 90s!! and its a more natural color so when the weekend came I put on my new lipstick by benefit called espionage, i love it!
I really hope we can do something like this again because all of this combined made it into a perfect girls night out for us!
last photo from jess @ irocksowhat

Monday, June 24, 2013


now that i live two hours away from my sisters i tend to have moments of separation anxiety. i mope around and complain to the mister how i miss my close family and friends and make him feel guilty for moving us up here. the usual day to day with the kids keeps my mind busy for the most part but i still feel the same once i really start to think about how nice it would be for the kids to grow up playing with their cousins. here we have raoul's family which is pretty small and their two cousins who live near us are teenagers. they are really sweet big cousins despite the age difference.
so when my cousin who lives about thirty miles away offered to pick us up to spend the day at her house i was stoked. our car was in the mechanic for over a week so being out of the house and with family was the best and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


i guess it doesn't hurt taking the kids to vegas once a year. but man, that heat is brutal! papa had a gig this thursday before the big edc weekend happened. there was plur in the air for sure. we walked just outside our hotel to a mini concert of "queen" which has become nikos favorite band as of late. they played a couple songs on the ceiling with lights. its like  a huge digital screen of lights for everyone to enjoy and be amazed. we were obviously. we walked around and spotted all our favorite cartoon characters, hello kitty, spiderman, darth vader, stormtrooper, spongebob squarepants and a few others. we walked over to the bar where papa was going to play, the beauty bar and chatted with the promoters then grabbed some food and alchoholic icees. i got the mudslide and it was just perfect for walking around in the hot hot heat. the thing about traveling with the kids nowadays is that niko usually gets irritable at night. he cries and says he wants to go home and then i regret taking them in the first place. since papa's job requires so much traveling and at times we can come along i want to take advantage of that and show the kids as much of the world as i can. i just hope niko starts to enjoy adventure more as he gets older.

 that's a person flying across on a rope. looks so fun!!
 we live close to a "niko's pizza" here in san pedro so it was cool spotting "luna's pizza" :)
 best bar name ever.
 photo by Niko
lights at the hotel.
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