Sunday, April 17, 2011


my saturday was extremely chaotic. i left home at about 10am and didn't get back until midnight. it was my niece's birthday and she lives in tijuana. for my non san diegan readers, tijuana is just across the border (in mexico) and you get there in about 15 minutes from where i live but the ride back is a whole other story. we waited 2 hours to cross the border. i am getting ahead of myself here... let me rewind, we went to the beach area of tijuana where my sis lives and thats where i took the group pictures of my kids and their cousins. the wall is painted for a school thats on the corner from my sisters home. then we headed to church and it was a surprise to me since i didn't know my niece was getting baptized. then she had a party with a jumper which luna seemed to really enjoy. she is nuts going in the jumper with a bunch of hyper older kids. niko went in and right back out. niko doesn't like too much chaos with other kids (rowdy kids). he just chooses to do his own thing, like play with rocks and see what they taste like. hey, check out nikos moves, he loves doing the robot. although i feel like a million yucks right now, i am very grateful to have spent my saturday with my beautiful family. it was a crazy but beautiful day. we went to coachella two years ago and had so much fun, im not sad im not going this year. weird. maybe im just too tired to think. have a wonderful sunday, filled with love! xo Liz

my beautiful nieces Alex 
Alyssa (birthday girl) im not sure why she's grumpy here but she's usually smiley.
Happy Birthday baby girl! 
p.s. i just saw i am number 21 on the moms with style list. not too shabby, but i would like to stay on the list so please remember to vote once a day until April 28th. Thanks so much for the love!
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