Wednesday, April 20, 2011


a bit ago Stacy over at Hart+Sew thought about doing a weekly feature called "little vintage style" so i decided to join the fun and show off my babies vintage pieces here. yesterday we were up in L.A. visiting grandma and these were taking in her backyard. Niko and Luna just love her backyard and can hang out for hours back there. it really gives me joy to see my babies wearing such cute vintage, these are found treasures! Luna is wearing a romper from Opal Vintage.

                                           check out Mandy's store Opal Vintage, she has something for everybody!

also, big favor to ask, can you take a sec to vote for my blog.
i am so flattered to be on the list with some incredible women but the competition is ON  i am falling behind. i really appreciate your votes!
thank you so much for keeping me up on the list!
you can vote once a day until May 5th! xoxo Liz
you can click on the circle of moms badge above or HERE to vote, thanks again! 

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