Thursday, February 27, 2014


when you think of weekends, what's the first thing that pops into your head? i think of sleeping in. and for the past few weekends i have been woken up by chairs being slammed into our wooden floor by my five year old. this boy of mine screams at the top of his lungs, "i want waffles!" and its not even 8am yet. any other morning i wake him up for school, he completely fights opening his eyes and getting out of bed. on this particular morning, i woke up and made him his waffles, asked him to use his manners and say please and thank you. i turned on the tv and let him watch cartoons while he ate his waffles. i started making myself coffee because well, i ain't going back to bed! then suddenly while i thought he was going to thank me for the delicious frozen waffles i popped in the toaster for him, he throws the plate at me and says "i can't feel the syrup!" with only one piece of waffle left. i was so stunned by his rudeness, i was at a loss for words. 
how can my kid turn into such a little punk overnight? some people say its a stage but how can i just sit back and wait till he magically becomes the sweet well mannered boy i want him to be? don't get me wrong, he's a sweet boy, and funny and considerate when he feels like it. at times i just think to myself, how did we get here? and why does he go there with me... motherhood is full of challenges for me, but i am not giving up even when i feel i am beaten down. 

                                       niko being a grump when he was about a year old. 


JachiCue said...

I often feel the same way with my boy. I know he's sweet and caring, but just as intensely as he feels the lovely feelings, he feels the anger, disappointment and sadness. He yells or mutters things through clenched teeth, and I just have to let him cool down. He's my kid that will apologize or tell you he didn't mean to, all on his own. He genuinely feels bad. So yeah, when you figure it out, pass the secret my way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Niko! My nephew woke up this morning demanding waffles as well. I wonder if it's a boy thing? I never had this sort of issue with my niece but maybe the girls don't reach their attitude stage until teenage years :/ eek!

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