Thursday, January 16, 2014


i don't know when im going to magically become a morning person. i thought it would happen as i got older but i struggle to get up and at night i hesitate to get myself to bed when i am clearly drained from the day. my body aches and i feel my eyes getting low. at the same time though, i have never felt so accomplished and useful in my life. i am getting things done with the kids working on lunas school stuff and then the regular home stuff. it is amazing where i am now in my life. niko got student of the month award and it felt so good to see him being recognized and you know im totally giving myself credit for that too.
i haven't yet wrote down any new years resolutions but who am i kidding? i don't stick to them. i do however have so many fears and insecurities i want to get over. and getting back on here and blogging regularly is one of them. almost every single day for about six months i thought about blogging and didn't. sometimes i felt too tired and other times i thought nobody cares anyway. but whether anybody reads or checks out my photos, this is my little space and i should take advantage of this little space to clear my head.
i hope you are having a great start in the new year! xo, liz

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