Monday, April 7, 2014


i was recently invited to eat at medieval times with a group of friends that i love but rarely get to hang out with xenia, julie and jachel. i had never been there before but had heard so much about and let me tell you, it was wayyy too much fun! first of all to get dressed up out of my everyday jeans, tshirt and sandals was nice, then to relax and have a sweet sangria drink with a couple of ladies that totally get me, even better. we sat down and then then the show began, it was like being in a movie! we were able to scream and cheer on our knight and our allies and boo at the top of our lungs the enemies. i think i let out a bit of built up anxiety there haha. what an exciting show to watch while the knights were fighting i enjoyed every single minute of this night and cannot wait to go with my little family one day, i know niko will love it as much as i did!

thank you to xenia from raised by culture for putting this night together and medieval times for hosting! i wish we could do this more often! 

last three photos taken from xenias instagram :) 

also check out this deal medieval times is having right now. if you want to go, now is the time! & remember it is free on your birthday!!

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Xenia Galaviz said...

awww! We need to do this more often!

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