Saturday, June 8, 2013


we recently got a library card and i am loving our new routine of getting new books each week to read for the kiddos. i choose a couple that i want to read to them and i let them each choose a couple on their own. i usually choose my books by the illustration and then how much text each page has. i already know their attention span isn't very long. if i have to read for a long time, they get bored and just walk away. very rude but i usually keep reading anyway because by then im into the story.
i used to be so good at reading a few books a day and sometime last year i fell off the wagon. now that niko will be going to kindergarten he'll be starting to read and im super excited about that. but at the same time intimidated by the amount of patience it'll take from me to practice. i already know i won't be helping him with math in junior high... and actually most subjects papa is way better than i am. when we got our library cards we discovered the jelly fish art posted on the wall was made by niko's preschool class and nikos is the top left. we had to check the names on the back of them to figure  out which was nikos because he couldn't remember. my next goal is to check a book for myself. its been a new years resolution for many years now to read actual grown up books. i need to push myself out of my comfort zone and make time for something so beneficial as reading.

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