Wednesday, June 5, 2013


last week after niko's preschool graduation, our refrigerator stopped working.  our house felt like it was turned upside down because our landlord took about a week to have it fixed. its one of those things that kinda ruins your schedule you know. but even though it was broken and all our food was spoiled, luna and i went down to san diego. were refrigerators work! my best friend liza had a baby and i was so anxious to meet sweet baby Lennon. i knew i would get baby fever as soon as i would meet him. i feel we have made up our minds about closing down the baby making shop but... i just love brand new babies.. luna also got some quality time with hugo, liza's pug. this pup is just a big ball of love. my kids go nuts when he's around. we then visited "luna's boyfriend" who is the son of my other best friend. luna cannot get enough of rocky & now they have the cutest little ducks in their backyard, double the fun! we were able to go to the beach for the first time this year and run around in a diaper (well, luna did)... it was a week full of friends and family. i loved my adventures with my girl, she's such a trooper. as long as she has milk anyway. only thing is, leaving niko for a couple days is tough. trust when i say we needed a break from each other but he's still my baby. next time, im dragging him with us!

best breakfast ive ever had. eggs, chards, lentils with crema and avocado. holy yum!
yes, a three year old in a diaper. we haven't had success with potty training but its not the end of the world.
dream girls boutique in ocean beach has toys by the fitting rooms. win!
luna missed her papa and brother after the second day and drew a photo of her family with two extra cats.
luna's first trip to old town. i wanted to take her somewhere she could run free without going to the park.
ube ice cream for her, avocado ice cream for me.
luna & her cousin isabella..

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algon rose said...

Ugh I miss San Diego... That last picture of Luna is so pretty.

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