Sunday, June 9, 2013


ever since i can remember i have been allergic to cats. and other things but cats make me wanna rip my face off. i get itchy throat, my eyes burn and i sneeze all day long. i remember missing school when i was about eight because my allergies were worse than having a cold. everyone that personally knows me, knows this fact about me and usually pokes fun at it. thats why even i am amazed that i have a cat now. i have admired cats and their beauty from time to time and wished that i could have one.. until i went to my local shelter and adopted this beautiful cat we named bobbi. it didn't happen just out of nowhere. i went and got bobbi out of desperation, last resort. we had been dealing with a mouse problem since last year and my landlord wouldn't shorten my lease because they were trying to handle the situation by contacting a pest control. its all been a joke really. this pest control company charges an arm and a leg to come to my house and set up traps and cover holes these mice might be coming in through. they've been coming for a couple months and have yet to catch a damn mouse. its so frustrating to live under these conditions but from what i hear it happens a lot. the house where i live is an old historic home and although it had a new kitchen, some parts of the cabinets had holes on the ground.
so now here i am with a cat, a cat i love. it really was an instant connection from my part. she's a year old so not really a kitten but still really young and able to adapt to the kids. she's sweet and lets you hold her, she purrs and  her whole body vibrates. the first few days were confusing to me, because i am new to the cat world. i have made friends with strangers on the cat isle at target and asked so many questions. i feel comfortable now taking care of her. at first bobbi would find the craziest places to hide and stay there for long periods of time. i had to search my whole house for over half hour to find her under the couch or behind my dresser or way in the back of my closet, pull her out and take her to eat. i remember those first days she was home i would call her to come out and practically beg her to come out and she would. she felt safe with us from the beginning but still unsure of her new surroundings. in the evenings she would come around and ask for attention and food. now she's a totally different kitty. she is still sweet with hints of sour every now and then she'll bite me randomly on my leg while im washing dishes. she attacks me while i walk by her by jumping out and running after me. she's playful with the kids and mostly patient, even when they're being annoying. occasionally she will bite them if theyre being too rough. for which, i usually warn them but these kiddos never listen to me. she plays soccer with the little ping-pong sized balls we have for her and shows off her balancing tricks when she gets on top of the shelves and windows. she was spayed right before bringing her home because all animals from the shelter get fixed but i still fear she will run away since she was a stray. i see the way she gets so excited when she looks out the window and sometimes runs outside if we leave the door open. i am attached to her already and i get so worried she will go outside and get hurt. i thought cats were easier than dogs but this one is like my baby!

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algon rose said...

awww Bobbi is so cute! I love cats, I had one for 9 years and I loved that little thing so much. When he wanted to play or wanted attention he would do the funniest things. I hope your allergies do well. Cats are so lovable, relaxing and funny pets. Try to comb Bobbies hair daily to keep her from shedding too much. When you comb her hair put a mask on and when finished clean your hands immediately. The dander in their skin is what triggers the allergies a lot of times. Bathe her from time to time if you can or clean her up with a damp cloth daily if that’s easiest. Little things that might help the allergies.

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