Friday, May 3, 2013


i might have a couple drafts that i started on random day, started while trying to come back on here. i used to be so excited about blogging years ago when life was more simple. i seriously don't know how some mamas blog regularly. its not that i don't always have time time. i browse around from time to time, other blogs, pinterest, facebook, random photos of animals with a joke on it.
but to actually start a post and feel satisfied with it is difficult at the time. there has been a good amount of stress in life recently. since my friend was diagnosed with leukemia, my grandpa died and on top of that raoul was touring europe for a month. honestly, a month isn't too crazy but when i had my mind on family and friends and then the kids get diarrhea, yea its hard. i tend to come to this little blog of mine and vent when i need to, when my mind is restless. and i don't seek sympathy, although i have an amazing group of friends with such great hearts and advice. i am here because this is my real life. and these struggles aren't pretty but they are part of me. it was hard to not let out the cries that i was holding up during my friend's first chemo treatment. but we're getting through it. things are looking up already and for that i am grateful.
then, there is niko's school that has me going insane from time to time. i love niko's school and so does he. its a co-op so its very parent involved, which i also love. before niko started school i was worried about the influence other kids would have on him. the bad kids, whose parents don't care and it shows on the kids. but we have some awesome families at nikos school and we have learned so much from each other. we all volunteer a couple times a month and every even is planned together.
which leads me to my most recent headache, niko's preschool graduation. its not actually a headache. i am really looking forward to the ceremony because i know it will be filed with happy memories and tears of joy. what i had a hard time with was the fundraising and fees for unnecessary things. its one of those things where i would have been wrong if i didn't say anything and i was wrong for saying something anyways. but i made my point and even though my opinion wasn't valued and i got my start in school involvement. i am proud to be that mom. i am not the greatest mom, i know that. but i am really trying.
i was invited to watch depeche mode on the jimmy kimmel show the day raoul got back from europe. i actually had to be at the jimmy kimmel live studios three hours before raoul got into lax. i felt bad leaving but after a month of chaos with the kids and zero breaks, i had to get out. for my own sanity, and i did. it was great, depeche mode performed seven songs outside in the perfect afternoon weather and my friends and i were able to go to the green room. the green room is where the artists hang before the show, there were delicious appetizers and drinks. i downed a beer and gobbled up some beef lettuce wraps and fried chicken. i am a total pig when it comes to food, i cannot help it. in the green room, while i was drinking my beer as fast as i could and watched jimmy kimmel being taped live, i felt alive. like myself and i could finally breath again. i am with my kids every day and i appreciate that. i don't take my life for granted but when i don't have a couple hours to myself i can feel like im going over the edge, and in some occasions yes it has happened. so thankful for my hilarious friends to take me on adventures the random days i could get out of the house. love you if you read this far. xo.


JachiCue said...

I'm glad you're blogging :) I needed a play date and a chance to reconnect with you and your family. So thanks for yesterday. Ewan woke up asking where his Niko was.

Brewed Together said...

What fun photos. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

Xenia G. said...

It is very hard to be an involved parent and I'm glad I have several mom friends on the Internet that get it. You need to let loose and it is completely OKAY xoxo We still have to meet woman! <3

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