Friday, March 23, 2012


this one goes down along with the impulsive purchase category. i completely forgot i had a dog at home when i saw this little one... & i had a rabbit when niko was six months old and was traumatized with owning a bunny but here we are again with a bunny at home. the kids are crazy over her and niko even calls her his "sweetheart". today he also started calling my girlfriend sweetheart and its so cute. i think he has a crush. lucky has been really good with her surprisingly, he sniffs, licks and that's it. yesterday i let the bunny run around in our yard and it was a big mistake. she ran away from me and got out to the sidewalk. lucky chased her too which made it worse. luckily she stood still by the fence long enough for me to catch her. im gonna need lots of luck learning how to properly deal with a rabbit as this is my first time committing to a rabbit. we had some growing up but i wasn't responsible for them so i don't remember. i know these fuzzy things poop way too much and can stink up a place in no time. i just gotta figure out a routine that works for me.
so far Diva has been a good girl & today she was showing lucky her jumping skills. she was playing with him and it was the cutest thing! she put on a little show & i loved watching her come out of her shell. isn't she the cutest?!


Yoly said...

She's adorable! Niko looks so happy:)

Josie said...

Eeek for the cute bunny and your son looks so happy!

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