Thursday, January 26, 2012


i am officially on party planning mode. luna will be two in almost one week and i have so much to do! i can't believe its happening so quickly, i know it sounds so cliche but you know... my baby will be two! i haven't really bought her gifts because i saved two she didn't open on christmas morning and thought.. well, i'll just save them and maybe she'll be into ripping up paper for her birthday. and because i am so nosey and always curious what other parents get their kids for birthdays, christmas and all that, i thought i would share what is in these presents. i took the time last week to get a little creative and this is what i came up with! first gift are some hello kitty vans, a guitar, third is a mini keyboard and last gift are two vintage puzzles, one is dr. seuss and other is mickey mouse. & last collage is a mini birthday wish list! (click on numbers for links!)
xo Liz

& the gifts i wish i was getting her are...

1. 2. 3. 4.

**edit. my mom bought the pink dump truck today at pixie toys! & even got Niko the green recycling truck! & we got the red kitchen from :)
I'm so excited to see them play with their new toys!! 


Marcela said...

Cute wrapping!

Audrey has this kitchen...hours of play!!! Hope Luna gets those items on her wish list!!!


Ana said...

Very cute wrapping! That kitchen is so cute! Happy Birthday to your sweet Luna!

Yoly said...

Good job on the wrapping! I love Luna's wish list,the cake is my personal favorite..I want it :)

She is going to love those HK Vans, I finally got them for Lily and now I want some too. Good luck with your party planning...Happy Birthday Luna!

lizziedoesit said...


i ended up buying the kitchen today!
hope it arrives before her birthday!

i might just pot part two! :)


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