Thursday, January 26, 2012


i don't even know what day it was because i lose track of time and days like every single day. im pretty clueless. but, martin luther king weekend we headed over to skid row with the kids for the occupy skid row festival. if you don't know the l.a. area you might have never heard of this place. skid row is one of the largest homeless neighborhoods in america. i never thought i would be taking my kids to skid row, it smells like urine and is filled with mentally disabled people. for various reasons thousands of people have taken over these streets of downtown los angeles and turned it into their home. and why did i gladly go with my little family? chuck d (from the rap group, public enemy) put together a concert to raise awareness about homelessness. he got together an incredible lineup of west coast artist to perform and the vibe was really beautiful. there were men playing live drums while acts were on and off. and they also had a really good food truck.
we were able to meet up with friends and had a really good time. once we went home i couldn't help but think, how can we help these people? i don't have all this money to donate or time to go help. but there must be something! that's how my mom raised us and im so thankful she did. she took us to orphanages and retirement homes to donate our time and really just give them our love and attention so i want to raise my kids the same way. although there are many things i need to look into i have also taken our kids to other protest and hope when they are older they have an activist mind and heart and fight for other people's rights and freedom. because once you get out there and put yourself in other people's shoes is when you get to realize how easy and beautiful your own life is. i want my kids to appreciate what they have and show gratitude by helping others in any way they can. & once they are old enough to understand, they will see they have been part of change and history since they were only a couple months old.

Luna is wearing.. poncho, childrens place. leggings, baby gap. shoes, converse.
Niko is wearing.. sweater, children's place. shirt, mexico. jeans, levi's. shoes, stella mccartney for baby gap.
& here's a little playlist with some songs we heard that afternoon... 

Standalone player
photos source: l.a. times 

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Dumb Mom said...

FLAVOR FLAV! Yeah, boyeeeee! Ah, sometimes I miss L.A. so much. Like right now. While I'm sitting here glaring at Dumb Dog who is begging to go outside to handle her business in the snow. Stupid snow.

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