Monday, January 23, 2012


gosh i needed a little bit of help this morning getting in a good mood. the mister got in from chicago until about 12:45am and then came home with two crying babies. putting them to sleep wasn't very easy. then this morning the mister seemed grumpy which got me in an emotional mood, & that's just life sometimes. so i had to get my music on, i did start off with some really sweet and pretty house music by blue six and then i went to onra. a good friend gave me this cd and after playing it over and over, it got worn out and i need another one. because when im feeling crappy its only music that can rescue me. i am hoping for this week to be very productive. we need lots to do before Luna's second birthday party. oh and another reminder of onra is my best friend going to paris this week and seeing him perform, im only a little bit jealous. but mostly happy that my friends are having an amazing time. hope you all have an amazing week! big hugs.

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