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when i first started this blog almost three years ago i wanted it to be a place where i can share recipes and places-events. the content on here has changed quite a bit since this is my first recipe ever, so since i am new at this, bare with me. i will try to explain as best as i can but im sure if you never tried to make chicken mole  you will love this easy recipe! and i have to give credit to my sisters for teaching me how to make this like most of the mexican food that i cook. my sisters are amazing cooks! this mexican recipe is for making chicken mole, red rice, beans and horchata from scratch. if you have any questions please comment and i will answer as soon as i can!

beans. water. half onion. salt. 
i use the mayocoba beans, also known as peruvian beans. when i boil the beans i add salt and half an onion. the secret to making beans is to keep checking on them, stirring and adding water if needed. beans soak up a lot of water so if you don't add enough water at the beginning they will dry up in the process. i suggest making the beans before anything since they usually take around two hours to fully cook. you can cook them without onion or add a few pieces of garlic. or just boil with salt. i boil a big batch and freeze half since we're bean lovers in this house. then i mash them. you can also leave them un-mashed!

5 cups of water 
1 pound of boneless chicken
1 doña maria mole container
half an abuelita chocolate bar
2 spoons of peanut butter
2 teaspoon of sesame seeds to garnish (not necessary)
cut up your chicken in small pieces, add salt to the water & boil the chicken with a generous amount of water for about ten minutes. let it sit for a while or take chicken out of the pot so it can cool by itself once its fully cooked. do not throw away the leftover water (chicken broth). while the chicken cools, open your container of mole and put it on your pan on low heat, add the chicken broth and try to blend with a fork or spoon. this takes a while since the mole is very thick. once you have a good consistency add some peanut butter and half of a abuelita chocolate bar or any other mexican chocolate. its the one that comes in a round cardboard container. once you have the sauce made and good to taste, shred the chicken. i shred mine because i don't like eating bones or fat or picking it out while im eating it. some people do leave the bone and skin but i don't. its up to you really. if the mole sauce hardens or thickens just stir or add some more chicken broth. it usually happens when it cools down. then add chicken to the sauce, mix and sprinkle sesame seeds on top & enjoy!

 (melting the mole sauce with chicken broth & chicken on the other pot)
1 cup rice
2 cups water or chicken broth
2 red tomatoes
half an onion
2 pieces of garlic
2 spoons of salt 
i just recently started making my mexican rice with real tomatoes. my mom used to use canned tomato sauce and then i learned making them with fresh tomatoes is SO MUCH tastier. so i fry my rice in vegetable oil, about two spoons of oil for about a cup of rice. let it fry for a little bit on low heat with half an onion and keep stirring so it fries evenly. not too much that it gets too dark you want a beige kind of color. then in your blender put double the amount of chicken broth or water if you don't have enough left over chicken broth. so if you want a cup of rice its two cups of water. in your blender you will add water, tomatoes cut in squares, slice of an onion, two pieces of garlic, & garlic salt. blend and then pour this mix into the rice and let it boil until rice rises and soaks up all the water. this takes about eight minutes. adjust recipe to your liking.

6 cups of water
1 cup of rice
2 table spoons of vanilla, or one stick
5 tablespoons of sugar or brown sugar adjust quantity to taste 
half a cup of condensed milk
2 teaspoons of cinnamon 
if you plan to make horchata ahead of time let your rice soak in water overnight. but if you're making this out of the blue don't worry. you don't have to. you will need sugar, condensed milk, vanilla, rice, and cinnamon. add ingredients to your blender and liquefy. taste and add more sugar or water or whatever you think you need. if it taste good, drain and pour into your container like the picture above. let it sit in the refrigerator and serve chill or add ice.

and there you have it! i hope you find my recipe helpful! xoxo! 


Morgan said...

Oh my, this meal looks a-mazing! Mole is one of my all-time favorite meals. During my pregnancies with Silas and Finley one of Eric's employees dad would make it for me all the time. They moved back to Mexico City and I had a LOT of unfulfilled cravings during my pregnancies with Finley. I definitely need to try this.

I haven't tried to to make red rice many, many times and every time it turns out disgusting. I need to try this, too. Thanks for sharing!!

Tiffany said...

So totally making my rice this way! Thank you

christinerojas said...

my step-mom made mole enchiladas the other night. i'm not a fan lol!

Marcela said...

What a yummy meal!!!!

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