Monday, January 30, 2012


dudes! i have a major blog problem. im freaking out over here since i accidentally deleted ALL my photos on this blog. how can someone be able to do all of that?!! somehow every photo on my blog ended up on my phone through my google account and i couldn't delete them. since they're taking up so much space on my phone i tried deleting them through my gmail account and ended up deleting all my photos i ever posted on the blog! ugh. blogger dilemma!! anyway.. i just might to redo my banner and upload two years of photos again on the blog. no biggie right? i keep trying to tell myself that.
yesterday we started painting the bedrooms in this house since they were fugly colors. the kids room was pink and our bedroom was blue. super ugly shades though. as we paint and do yard work this is our playlist. we're representing long beach because well, that's our hood!! if you have kids around don't play this. there's too many eff words on here :) have a lovely week!!! xoxo!!
p.s. if you know how i can fix this problem, please tell me!! i'll love you forever!

Standalone player


christinerojas said...

sooo sorry about your photos! that's terrible. However, the banner up top is adorable ;)

Ana said...

Aw that sucks big time...sorry to here that happend to you. I love your new banner...very cute!

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