Friday, August 5, 2011


today was pretty insane. i had so much to do to get ready to go to the lulu's mixer in downtown. i kinda feel bad i didn't celebrate luna's half birthday in a special way but sunday is totally dedicated to her and niko bee. tomorrow i will be at blogher all day and night. im really excited because just going to the lulu's mixer today was an introduction of what this whole blogher business is about. its so cool to meet women with common interests. they're such a breath of fresh air.
anyhow, today's flashback friday photo is my little luna at about two months old. this was her first trip to the beach and like the beach bum that she is, she enjoyed it very much. and i don't want to be a hoarder or anything but i think im keeping this outfit. its special, you know? by the way.. i will post my photo challenge photos tomorrow. keeping up with it has gotten tough, already. what else is new? xoxo Liz

and you know im gonna post the cutest video too! gotta start working on a second video already! 


Ana said...

Your daughter is adorable! The video is sooo cute. You have a lovely blog!

thinkpriddy said...

perfect song and video. i just love her!

lizziedoesit said...

thank you sweet ladies! big hugs!! :)

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