Friday, August 5, 2011


my friends and i walked over to the tavern in south park for some beers and burgers. the walk over wasn't so nice, it was way too hot to be walking in my opinion but we made it. all sweaty but we made it. we ordered some stella's and burgers and boy did it hit the spot! that was one of the best burgers ever, spicy black bean veggie burger with garlic fries and tater tots. i think the tavern is one of south parks little treasure since we can bring the kiddos to play in the sand box while we eat and drink with friends. after the burgers we took our chubby butts to the daily scoop for some delish homemade ice cream and then on the way back we stopped at the empty lot where persue painted a bunny kitty mural at. it was a pretty perfect day for me today and the walk back seemed so much faster and a lot less sticky. getting ready for blogher now. xo Liz

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thinkpriddy said...

mmm yummy buger, priddy art :)

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