Friday, July 29, 2011


it is friday already. it seems this week just flew by in a blink. yesterday morning papa took little niko bee to his grandma's house in l.a. so i am hanging out with my baby girl and its been pretty quiet around these parts. i do enjoy my alone time with luna but i still miss the chaos and sweetness my baby boy brings to my life. they will be back sunday morning, hopefully earlier than later. today i got to see my friend lynda and her sweet son though.. we had a small date to target. you know because we're cool like that. we only do cool things around here, jk. this picture was taken the day niko turned three whole months at a pool party raoul was playing at in l.a., that was an extremely hot summer, this year doesn't compare to that heat. i kept the outfit he is wearing in the picture and every time i see it i can't believe how tiny niko was at one point. now he's over here talking about super mario and boobies. ah, the joy of having a baby boy. have an amazing weekend y'all! xo Liz

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