Monday, August 1, 2011


each day we celebrate life with music. raoul and i are really diverse with music so we are all over the place and the kids love it all. they're not too fond of rock but neither are raoul and i so it works out pretty good. but today in particular i couldn't figure out what my playlist should be like, so with this photo i wanted to share i thought the music to match should be sixties. when i started making the playlist i got stuck on the doors. the doors is one of the most unique bands in the history of music. when this band came out, who did they imitate or try to sound like? nobody. they had their own sound. and now that jim morrison will be a part of 27 club, he will forever be a sex symbol. i speak for myself and pretty much every girl i know. about the photo here, im not sure where i got it from but its the cutest. i want to hang it up in my home! i also got some great and exciting news. 1. i got my ticket for blogher today, and i will be attending saturday's conference. 2. i will be having my first giveaway really soon. i will give you a hint: check out this link!  happy music monday guys! xo

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