Monday, June 20, 2011


if you live in san diego chances are you have heard of the brass rail. its a bar in hillcrest and monday nights is eighties night. well, we went last week and i love the music so much. i miss going to eighties nights at our other spots though. one was in t.j. (porky's bar) but the sucky part was coming back to the u.s. and having to wait in line holding in your pee for two hours. sorry t.m.i. but for reals, they sold caguamas which are big bottles of beers they are 33oz. and the cigarette smoke would just ruin my eyes because in mexico, they don't have a law against smoking in indoor public places. so those two things i don't miss about porky's  but man, was that place fun. then there's shooters which is now a douche bar, and that was the funnest part of thursday nights way back before i had my little buggies. so, at the brass rail they play a good mix of eighties from depeche mode, cindy lauper, price, the cure, chaka khan, to newcleus. but this playlist is only the top breaking, poppin and lockin tracks. you see, its in honor of my little Niko Bee. he went to his first dance class this weekend at culture shock. he loves getting on the floor and spin around and do the robot. i don't know where he gets all those dance moves from but its pretty entertaining. although it took him a bit to get comfortable and open up he really wants to go back to dance class. half an hour into dance class he was jumping around and spinning and being his silly self. i really look forward to more dance classes in his future. oh and of course luna loved dance class too. hope you have a great week!

this is lynda, liza and i (liz) the three L's out for a night of fun. i love these girls. 


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