Sunday, June 19, 2011


we'll be celebrating father's day until monday or even tuesday since papa has been in portland for a few days. im kinda bummed but like niko says, "papa working, papa making money". i was just thinking how raoul became a dad so naturally and just embraces his new life as a dad. raoul and i, before we had kids were just all about fun and music and lived our life so freely and kinda careless. well, we still do but he has become such an admirable father. i am so proud and lucky not just to have him in my life as my partner but that he's the father to my kids. niko and luna have an amazing dad, he does everything with love and he changes diapers too. at some point in my day i always think, how did i get so lucky? i mean, this man takes the kids to the beach, cooks them breakfast, wakes up in the middle of the night to feed or check on them. and pretty much lets them run his life. not that i don't do any of the things just mentioned but he takes turns with me and doesn't complain about anything. raoul is one of the smartest, most talented and loving fathers in the world. we can't wait to have our papa back home and give him lots of hugs and smooches. and happy father's day to the other amazing dads out there! your work is appreciated!

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