Sunday, June 12, 2011


so, this is a sneak peak to "moms with style". i got the idea of featuring my mom friends who have great senses of fashion while my blog was on the top moms with style list on circle of moms :) so i want to start doing a regular feature on here showing off my friend's style. specially my mommy friends since they're a huge inspiration to me. i am so guilty of being too lazy to get dressed up and looking pretty on a regular basis. putting on makeup and doing my hair can take a little longer than you can imagine since i have so much hair and a babies who just wants to be held every time she sees me go in the bathroom. mandy from harpers happenings has a similar feature called mama style which is great and i love to see when she posts other stylish mommy bloggers. i will try my best to keep up with these moms with style posts and hope that my friends can also have fun with it. while i was out with friends last week, i took pictures of lynda's outfit because, hello, she looked super hot. i will be back with a real moms with style post featuring my pretty friend lynda (again). hope you all have a great week guys!

on lynda: dress, h&m
on me:  sweater, vintage. jeans, carmar. shoes, seyshells. 


Rubyellen said...

oh! that vintage sweater is pretty!!! definitely a good find!

lizziedoesit said...

thanks Rubyellen!

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