Saturday, June 11, 2011


well what a good way to blog my animal if not by going to the zoo.. it was a pretty fast trip to the zoo since we live less than a mile from the zoo its really no biggie. but the kids had fun and they have some amazing cold mocha drinks there. i live a block away from starbucks and you just can't compare. i love me some coffee. luna was the one who got the dirtiest and surprised me to see she had a couple of tantrums which rarely happen with her but she really liked the kid size sinks every time we stopped to wash our hands. she's such a cute little bug. saturday morning if i can get a ride (raoul took our only car to a show in ventura) niko is going to his first ever dance class. and its hip hop so its right up his alley since he loves break dancing. im so excited for my little guy! not sure if i've ever posted our little buddy rocky, he and his mommy (my bff) was at the park with us. isn't he the cutest little boy?! his voice just melts my heart.

Lynda gave each kid an organic lollipop and niko ate his right away. then got made because he wanted more.
check out the grumpy eyebrows. he kills me with that little face. luna is in lala land with her sweets. haha.
Luna wore: shirt, old navy. pants, old navy. shoes, harajuku lovers. 
Niko wore: shirt, kenneth cole.shorts, target. shoes, old navy. 

check out all the other little fashionistas at: 


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!

Olivia Grace said...

They are so cute, absolutely beautiful kids!

lizziedoesit said...

thank you! it can be so hard to photograph kids that age since they won't stop moving!! my back hurts from bending over by the end of the day :)

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