Monday, June 13, 2011


i have learned many lessons as a new mom. well, niko will be three at the end of this month but as time goes i keep learning from simple mistakes. one of them is to not buy toys randomly. as time goes by and birthdays and chirstimas comes and bring so many toys they start to pile on and on. i have had days of frustration with boxes of toys that are kinda hard to get rid of. i have donated tons and still have tons. anyways, on to the main subject, i started collecting vintage toys for my kids and here are two cuties, alf and a pound puppy. these two guys were my favorite growing up. and in a way thats why i collect some vintage things. good memories for mama i can see still being passed down. in fact, one of luna's favorite movies is the 1986 hello kitty episodes and niko loves the 1989 super mario cartoons. those two cartoons, i don't mind. theres so many cartoons with so much intensity for kids. why do they have cartoons about the world ending? they're kids man, chill out. if you have the change check out the alf videos on youtube. he is pretty funny.

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thinkpriddy said...

I totally had those!!!

Oh and I agree 100% about today's cartoons. Much too intense :(

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