Tuesday, May 17, 2011


you know what they say... better late than never. and here is how i spent my mothers day. i received a sweet surprise the night before mothers day.. i walked in the house and my love had flowers for me and a mysterious paper bag. he and niko went shopping while luna and i were at a baby shower and bought me a really cute dress. they went to a local boutique down the street and i was so surprised. i really didn't see that coming. but more than that i was surprised how well he did with his purchase. i love the color and it fits perfect. plus he went to a local shop which is extra points. the next day, on mothers day, we met up with my dads side of the family for a family reunion. some of them live in l.a. and s.f. and some just about ten minutes away. i feel really bad i don't spend enough time with the family that live close to me but every time i see them we pick up right were we left off last time. we met up at a park and had some pretty delicious food. my sister made this amazing cheesecake with pecans and pineapples on top, yum. the only thing that sucked on mothers day was the wind. man it got pretty cold right before we left and i was wearing my new dress. if you read my blog frequently, don't be surprised if i keep catching up on here. sorry, bare with me. have a great week! xo Liz

dress:  from junc in south park, shoes: kensi
the moms playing games: aunts-cousins-my mom (wearing a skirt)
my uncle and luna 
Luna started walking last week too! 
my sister- luna- my cousin


thinkpriddy said...

that cheesecake recipe sounds delicious! do share.

glad you had a happy mother's day! you have such a priddy family :)


lizziedoesit said...

thank you! i do want to make it myself so i would love to share the recipe as soon as i get it :)

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