Sunday, May 15, 2011


yesterday was a super busy day with my mom. i did her hair and took her to get her makeup done (by Valerie) for my nephews first communion. after the church we headed to her house and she had a lovely party with good food and a live mariachi band playing. the band was so good and they were all about seventeen - eighteen years old. its always so great to spend the weekend with family. the kids were so tired by the end of the day. i picked up my love last night too, from the airport. he was gone for five days and i am so happy to have him back. today i went to the swap meet and found a bunch of  vintage books for the kids... niko is really into night time reading. valerie and i shopped and looked around at super cool things and spent all our money, like to our last dollar. but our money was spent on super cool things. after getting home, the kids, raoul and i took a long walk in our neighborhood and stopped for some fish tacos. i love my neighborhood and the taco truck is high on the list of reasons why i love it so... here is what we wore saturday. this post is a contribution to steppin out on harpers happenings. i just love mandy's blog and store!
(and i know what you're gonna say, yes, i got crazy hair. i will finally make it to the salon next week. i need help, i know. this mess is hard to control, don't judge me) 


Olivia Grace said...

So pretty, what a beautiful family! That last picture of your daughter is adorable!

lizziedoesit said...

Hi! thank you! such a happy little bunny! :)

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