Tuesday, April 12, 2011


to get to Mexico City from Guadalajara, we drove through lots of green fields and beautiful green mountains. The kids did pretty well in the car too. I was the one who had motion sickness. We got to Mexico pretty late at night but getting through the traffic was a whole different story. I thought the L.A. traffic was bad. Man! We stayed at Thark's parents house. It's big with lots of fruit trees. Thark's dad is a biology teacher and owns lots of farm land. I admire what he does. Growing my own fruits and vegetables is one of my life goals :)
We spent the next day hanging at Lili's (the other promoter) neighborhood, La Condesa. La Condesa is so much like New York. The restaurants,shops, buildings and the energy the city gives you. I loved it! Tons of artists of different medias live there. it would be like the Silver Lake to L.A. Tharks, (real name Alex) and his family was so welcoming. he has a beautiful loving family. we also spent the Bicentenario there which is the 200th year of independence from Spain. it was a huge celebration in the downtown streets and i remember because i was stuck in traffic there. i went shopping and coming back was a mess. that night Raoul played at a club, close to Lili's house. About 4-5 blocks away. I heard it was a good night.. maximum capacity.
i could have gotten a babysitter but i didn't want to bug or weird out the kids by leaving them in a random house with a random stranger. i would seriously love to live there, except theres a lot of people. i don't like too much traffic and nowhere to park and loudness. so maybe its not the right city for me, like New York but i do love those cities so much! in fact, since i took this huge (over a year) break from blogging i should just post fun parts of my life that i didn't post before and after Luna. including a birth story. anyways. Raoul's flight got pushed back one more day. i was so sad but can't wait to have him home. the kids and i have missed him every day since he's been gone. hope you're enjoying my Mexico pictures. they're the sweetest memories. xo Liz

Raoul found this instrument at a record store. it gave him joy. 
this place has the best mexican food its in La Condesa, "El Manjar" 
yep, it was raining. 

                              see the security guard ^? thats where Raoul played. its a club. 3 stories. 
my dudes shopping

Vintage Hoe. found treasures here. love the store name. 
Raoul took this picture. I can dig it. 

Niko and Ricardo *Lili's dog*
we took Niko and Ricardo for a walk to the park near by, we watched this band played. it made me really happy and felt so lucky to just be there and have my kids with me and have no care in the world.


drea said...

This is all so wonderful!

lizziedoesit said...

thanks Drea! it was an incredible trip. i encourage families to go since its so affordable and so different from the states. btw, you're the first person to comment. my comments were off until last night. gees! i need to get it together!

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