Wednesday, April 13, 2011


arriving to Aguascalientes. there was a cute little fair going on and the streets were filled with happy families. we hung out outside with the kids and had a beer and played while Raoul did sound check real quick.

this cute little girl hung out with us while we ate. she lived in the house behind the restaurant. and we ended up giving her Luna's vintage glow worm since she loved it so much. im glad it went to a good home. 

for i think 8 of us the total for our food, huge plate with a couple of different things and our drink was about $18
i was blown away. and of course the food was amazing too. 

we stayed at a circus performer's house, this was the skit. 
he had tons of things to juggle. he also rode a one wheel bike. 
my family at Parque de San Marcos, Aguascalientes

these frozen pops where only 15 cents each. incredible? yes. 

we found a poster for Raouls show on the street. 
Niko, happy he went on two long train rides!
whoop! we caught Niko fighting with the little neighbor! 
our cab ride.. i love their old streets. its a really beautiful (old city)
this coffee shop was pretty delicious. i really enjoyed this. 

Luna and her funky hair style. 

we rented these little cars and it had a string with a control so i was in charge of the power. 
Niko wearing a bunch of hats the dude juggles. 
on our way to San Luis Potosi, we drove by this man on the side of the rode.
i just had to take a picture. he sold honey and blocks of cheese made out of the tuna from the cactus tree, i think.  

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