Tuesday, April 5, 2011


last thrusday was pretty awesome. after about 4 years of not doing makeup (for work) i was asked by my talented friend valerie to assist her. i was a bit nervous before starting with my first model but as i went on i got in the groove of things and valerie was so encouraging and kept me relaxed. her sis Jessica was also doing makeup. the three of us where the dream team and did about 18-20 faces in a couple of hours. the look was simple clean face with black lipstick. a lip color i have yet to try myself. i think i will probably end up looking like a crazy chola instead of high fashion. anyways. i am blogging super late since this happened 2 weeks ago almost. its pretty tough having a crazy two year old and a climbing little one  year old at home.  the designer, Jesus Estrada, was on project runway  season 7 and for some reason i didn't watch. i haven't had cable in so long that its hard to keep up with t.v. show and celebrity gossip. not that i try to keep up with that stuff but whatever. i had a blast watching the girls walk down the runway. they are all so beautiful and great to work with. i took pictures of the collection and some close ups of the models. and don't judge me for looking like a tired mom, i usually don't hang with the models after the show but this time i did and was not prepared. i had no makeup on and my outfit is so mom. haha. but its okay, i guess. i wanted to be comfortable while i was working and i was. xo Liz
(song of the day: Newcleus - Computer Age)

The Makeup Artists, Jessica Vonprisk, myself and Valerie.
Valerie, Jesus Estrada (designer) Jessica. 

models backstage waiting to walk. 

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