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This trip my family and I took last year inspired me to blog again.. I actually started this blog right before getting pregnant with my baby girl Luna. when i was pregnant blogging was the last thing on my mind. i was so busy with Niko, he was one and a half and you know my love is always traveling to other cities or countries. This post and the other four to come are about our trip to Mexico. Raoul took me and the kids with him for his 5 city tour and it lasted two weeks. It was amazing! We landed in Monterrey, then drove to Guadalajara, then Mexico City, Aguascalientes and ended our tour in San Luis Potosi. Along the way, we met the most amazing people. We ate the most delicious food and had the best time. I can't wait to go back, plans are to go back in October.. we'll see.. I was supposed to go this month and this is where Raoul is as I type. I actually gave up mine and Niko's plane seats and asked some of our friends to join Raoul on his tour. of course they said yes. After asking them to go, honestly, i felt sad that i wasn't going because Raoul is gone so much for work but now that they're gone I'm really happy for the girls that joined him on his tour. its great for their careers and a great experience. but most importantly, i wanted them to feel the energy of the people and come back even more inspired.
One thing that stands out in my memory about Cheke is the relationship he had with his friends. it was so nice to hear him talk to his friends in a loving and goofy way but with respect and love which i had never seen that here in the states.  first night we got there we had fish tacos and went to a recording studio were the top producers make music. oh man, i would do just about anything to eat one of those tacos right now, so delish!
Here is Thark, Junglah, El Rudo, Cheke, Raoul and little Niko Bee outside the restaurant. 

The next day was super hot about 110degrees! I'm so glad our weather doesn't get like that. It's unbearable! So while the dudes were back at the studio, I met up with Marysol and Lili at Parque Plaza Sesamo. This is like Disneyland but Sesame Street Theme park with water rides. I'm about the only person I know who hasn't been to a water park before this. it was the perfect place to be! Niko was in shock to see Elmo and Cookie Monster and the whole crew as soon as we walked in. We went straight to the water area. Niko and I had a blast playing and running around! The park was open from 3pm-8pm and we were there pretty much from open to close.

Marysol and Lili going on a ride that shoots up. funny to watch!

Afterwards, met up with Raoul and the rest of the guys at the venue where raoul was playing. It was an auto shop turned into an art gallery, very well set up. It was underground with style! As soon as you walked in there was food stands inside the party, pizza, tacos, corn and of course an ice cream truck. There was art set up by the cars which were being repaired and a room with a bunch of cool art that was later going to be auctioned. They sold everything too!

"going once, going twice"

Here is a video of the art prints at the show. 

I also snapped a couple photos of the home we stayed at. we stayed with one of the promoters mom. his name is Cheke and he is also a producer, his mom, Dolores, is an opera singer and boutique owner. she's just an all around artist and hustler. she's a wonderful woman. so thankful for her hospitality. her home was filled with art and other cute things. the backyard had really cool planters hanging from the trees. i want some! and the colorful photo below is a collage that kids painted. Dolores also hosts kids art classes and  dinner parties.
these are two promoters from another city. the dude sleeping  also played the night before. the girl is his girlfriend and the photo was taken from upstairs. by me, of course. 
this is the room where we stayed and i was bitten 17 times by mosquitos, niko said the painting was a "chango"
the photo on the right is Dolores, her ex husband and the Mexican president with his wife :)
on the basket are cds that Dolores recorded. she's amazing! 

collage made by kids at art class in the backyard. 
the view from the ceiling of the house. 
Choco, is their dog, he is wild and super friendly. lots of sniffing and jumping with Choco. 

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