Saturday, April 2, 2011


as you all know my boyfriend took off again, this time back to mexico. for only two weeks. not that two weeks is a short period of time without papa, its pretty good compared to the tours he does in europe since he has been gone for two months straight. the kids and i had the privilege to go with him last year to five cities in two weeks. it was pretty awesome. this time instead of the kids and i going i gave up our seats and invited two friends to join raoul on his tour. although i do wish i was there, i am so happy that the girls are there to experience such amazing energy. i am sure they will return with many happy memories and tons of inspiration. this week has been crazy hot day and night here in san diego. i am enjoying it because last year's summer never really came and our winter came in full effect. the kiddos and i just absolutely love the beach and can spend hours just hangin, eating chips and building strange things with sand. my lovely friend came with us this time since she dropped off our boos at the airport in tijuana. Valerie's wife, Linda aka Vonkiss, is one of the djs that is touring with Raoul. they are the sweetest friends and my little family loves them so. and excuse the blur in most of the pictures, a dirty lens is no bueno! gees. i am excited todays the first day of our neighborhoods farmers market and its literally one block away. i go to the farmers markets at least once a week and they are about 10-15 minutes away driving. i can't wait to see what vendors are coming to my area. i will come back with last weeks pictures because as usual i am catching up on posts. this week has been extremely chaotic for my love and i. i did makeup for a fashion show last week and want to share pictures asap. have an incredible weekend! xo Liz 

 Luna: "are you eating chips? you know i love chips!" Valerie: "mmmhmm... 


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