Friday, April 22, 2011


seeing the picture of a bunny today reminded me of a rabbit i rescued tried to rescue while i lived in L.A. since its almost easter, i thought the story would be good to share. well, i already had gotten a pup from the L.A. human society. he was a skinny little dog that i named Disko. Disko was really shy and kinda paranoid. so i thought he needed a buddy and didn't want to get another dog because we had a tiny little apartment. so, i went to the animal shelter and tried to pet the bunnies and whichever one let me pet i would bring home because non of them were babies. they were all grown bunnies. i chose this white bunny who seemed so sweet and right before we took her home she was spayed. which i love about rescuing animals. they give them their immunizations and neuter or spay and also insert the chip to find them if they get lost. anyways.. this bunny was all drugged up when we brought her home and i was holding her (and so was Niko) and so happy to have a bunny. but then once the drug wore off she was not having it. i let her lose the first night then she didn't let me hold her or put her back in the cage. on top of that, she stunk up my place and screwed up the wires to our speakers! it took me about 45minutes to get her in the cage for bedtime. she intimidated my poor little Disko and as you can see in the picture below she would get his food while he was eating AND this sweet little bunny also took over his bed! first day she was so sweet i named her Kandi, then i called her Killer Bunny. i ended up taking her back to the animal shelter. i felt horrible but my son Niko was only 6 months and already had a doggy so i couldn't keep her outside and have to worry about worry about random things happening to her. and that's my sad bunny tale. p.s. i would still want to adopt another bunny, just a baby this time. was that a bad Easter story? sorry.

(while all this commotion happened Raoul was on tour in Europe, so he couldn't help me out)

(Disko was petrified)

thank you to all of you who took the time to vote for my blog
you can keep em coming once a day until May 5th! (i need them)
xoxo Liz 


stricksonne said...

hello, I have voted for you! a very beautiful picture, wow! all the best wishes from Germany by angie

lizziedoesit said...

Thank you Angie! i really appreciate it!! :) have a great week!!

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