Saturday, April 23, 2011


i forgot to mention in last weeks post, that a new vintage store opened in south park. i had no idea, i thought it was still the old store but it is called "Bad Madge & Company". They have some vintage clothes and locally handmade clothes, a super cool 1950's stroller that i wish i had, and a few kids books, records and toys. i kinda wish they had baby clothes too! Niko really liked this tonka truck from the 60's so we got that and a cute book called Big beds and little beds. the shop just opened a couple weeks ago so i will stop by again this week (by myself). I'm hoping i can do a couple things by myself this week. i gotta talk to the man about that and demand some alone time. i think it's time to take over for a bit, its been over a month now and mama needs a break! welp. now i gotta get started on making some food for tomorrow's easter egg hunt. i haven't started anything. i don't even have outfits picked out! wish me luck! have a great easter weekend! xo Liz 

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