Friday, April 22, 2011


Niko's first Easter. He was so little, about 10 months old. Such a sweet baby this Niko Bee. well, now his interests are super mario, pokemon and driving his mama up the wall. he also just started asking.. he says "what's that?" about every 5 minutes. so interested in everything, that's why he's such a smarty pants. to my loyal reader Liza aka my BFF, Thank you so much for buying Niko his easter basket every year. I am about to get emotional on this end of the computer but it means so much to me. its so thoughtful and i truly appreciate it. i never ever ever celebrated easter as a kid because my parents never really did anything with us. our weekends were spent at home, cleaning. the only thing we celebrated was Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. so when easter time comes around an easter basket is the last thing on my mind. So thank you Liza for hooking up Niko with all kids of sweet little treats. its the little things like this that make me love you so much. Niko loves Liza so much! frequently he asks me just out of the blue, "hey mama, where's Liza?" "what's Liza doing?" so this Sunday he will be so happy to see his girl Liza, specially because she has a Super Mario Themed basket for him! Happy Friday!! xoxo Liz

Liza and Niko finding eggs! i love this picture so much! 

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