Monday, March 21, 2011


i have been thinking of all the random things we buy on a weekly basis and where our money goes.. a lot of it is unnecessary things. so if you are planning to donate money to help Japan, here are some cool ways to help. some of these etsy shops donate 100% and here are some items i would like to purchase myself but feel free to buy if you can. lots of these items are good for gifts too! its just heart breaking watching what happened in Japan. its such an eye opener too and have a lot more appreciation for what we have, even if it doesn't seem like much sometimes. lets pray and try to help as much as we can. have a wonderful start to your week! hooray for Mondays! xo Liz

(click description to view item and purchase)

from the same shop i love these pieces of jewelry, Opal Necklace  and Peaceful Mind Earings 

i want to wear more belts, they're an awesome accessory too! i love this belt buckle  

check out these cute key earings 

specially for mommies on the go, this is a washable ouch pouch  for your first aid kit or even make up! 

peace signs are great, i love this simple peace bracelet 

this would be awesome in a shirt too but love this Make Music Not War wall decal

made out of vintage fabric, super cute animal print eco dress (I WANT)

 if you're a scrabble nerd like me: Love Japan zipper coin purse

cute VINTAGE must have items: elephant toppers and  pretty purple vintage skirt

this fabric is so pretty, Help Japan Julep Clutch
happy shopping, and blessings to Japan!

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