Tuesday, March 22, 2011


we all know raoul and niko are my true loves but im giving shout outs to my other favorite men, and here is why...

john waters and divine, they made many movies together and i love each and every one. i did a tribute post about divine in october of last year you can check it out here. although divine died in 1988 john waters is still going at it. he recently wrote a book and has made lots of television appearances lately. you know since i dont have cable i miss most of them but was surprised and super happy to see him a couple weeks ago on the craig furgeson late show. craig is another awesome man, love him! john  waters is hilarious!! one of the few famous people i want to meet. actually the only one. he feels like family.
pee-wee, nobody loves pee-wee as much as my little boy Niko. he cries and yells at me if raoul takes his pee-wee movies when he goes out of town. pee-wee's play house is a classic, nothing like it.
rupaul, i grew up loving gay men. rupaul has a special place in my heart, i love him so much. he's so fabulous! as a boy or girl :)

paul mooney is a comic legend and most people don't know who he is but he is the person behind so many successful comedians. in case you didn't know, comedians have writers who make up jokes and skits for them. paul mooney wrote for richard pryor, in living color, and even david chappelle. his stand up is so funny, we have one of his books and dvd's too.
dave chappelle, he keeps it real. i love him. his show was one of this generations best if i say so myself.
jim carrey, beautiful person and amazing comedian. his facial expressions are classic. do you guys remember fire marshall bill?
gael garcia bernal, also known as my pretend boyfriend. i have seen pretty much all of his movies and hes amazing. i have seen him since i was little, he came out in a mexican telenovela when he was about 7 years old. he was cute then and he is still cute now.
  dr. jay gordon is pretty amazing. i love to hear his take on things like autism and children's health.

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