Saturday, March 19, 2011


i love that im posting soundcloud links today instead of a bunch of youtube videos. the cool thing about soundcloud is that its coming straight from the artist. i can browse all day long if i had the time. i wanted to feature Pacheko on here because my whole family listens to his music. raoul is good friends with him and has been to his city (in Venezuela) to play some shows about two years ago. the loopy-ness of figure 8 has helped me put Luna to bed so many times that i consider it one of my favorites too. in the car we sometimes listen to a cd he made with his friend Pocz. the music is so chill that it gets the kids in a calm mood which is awesome for me since i have to drive them around by myself a lot of the time. here are some Pacheko tracks. have a spectacular weekend filled with smiles! xo Liz

 Figure 8 by pacheko

 Pacheko & Pocz - Zarbak by pacheko

Abstractor Minipodcast

 Abstractor Minipodcast by pacheko
(this is a clip of a remix Raoul did for Pacheko)
 PACHEKO - LOCKDOWN (6BLOCC REMIX) (clip) by Digital6
you can hear the full version via youtube here.


pacheko said...

WOW NICE!!! IT is now that im reading this, i think its the coolest review i´ve ever had so far jajaja. Nice one!!! nice words!!!
thanks for the love, would love to visit u guys sometime soon.


lizziedoesit said...

Raoul has figure 8 bookmarked. it does the trick for our baby girl!
thank you for making that track!!
saludos y bendiciones!

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