Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Divine is known for his acting mainly on movies by John Waters. He starred in films like, Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, and Polyester. Brilliant for his comedy and a pioneer for drag queens back in the early 70's. He was also a singer and huge in the disco music scene. He died in 1988, in a L.A. hotel right before appearing in the t.v. show "Married with Children" of an enlarged heart.

John Waters and Divine aka Harris Glenn Milstead

Female Trouble movie cover (1974)
Divine and his dogs Beatrix and Klaus.

*my favorite quote* "you have been convicted of assholism"- Divine-Pink Flamingos.

Divine was SO down with disco, and so am I.

Shoot Your Shot (1982) (my fave)

Shake it up (1983)

I am so beautiful (1984)

Happy Birthday Divine!

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