Friday, March 18, 2011


Niko and the buddies. Yes, buddies. we never gave the pups names. one day, when we lived in L.A. raoul came home with tommy's burgers and fries (raouls favorite) and these two little cuties followed him home. they were our neighbors dogs but never went back home. our neighbor tried coming over to take them but they were scared of him and cried the whole way home. about an hour later they were back with us. a couple weeks after loving and caring for the brother-sister puppies we moved to San Diego and when we came down a week before moving for my nephews birthday we brought them down. took them inside to the birthday party and found them a good home. both of the buddies stayed together and live with a nice family who loves them and has a big yard with grass for them to play on. we keep in contact with the owners and i always get so happy to hear stories of the buddies. they were so cute and bratty. but the way they loved each other was something else. that's why it was so important for them to stay together. they now have names. Bella and Patches. here Niko Bee was about 8months old. he loved those two so much! these pictures sure do bring back good memories. happy weekend! xo Liz

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