Thursday, March 17, 2011


Raoul has been working on putting together a sample pack for the past two weeks and its been really time consuming. oh yea, whats a sample pack? its like a cd you can purchase but instead of music its beats producers can use to make tracks. for example, he's making folders with different  drums, percussions, bass, effects and vocals. i tell him, even being the girlfriend of a musician takes a lot of patience since i have to hear everything all day. the repetitiveness of the beats before they're even put together into a song can drive a girl crazy. it blows my mind that he can work on music and be laughing at the same time because he's listening to howard stern on the headphones. incredible. here's a look at his notes, which i find fascinating. thursday already? wow, the week flew by. luna finally gets her bang trim today. funny i have to make appointments at the hair salon for my one year old. her hair is out of control again. hope she doesnt move too much! xo Liz

6Blocc Dubstep Ammo Sample Pack (demo 1)

6Blocc Dubstep Ammo Sample Pack (demo 2)

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