Friday, December 31, 2010

my highlights of 2010

This year was pretty incredible, here are some of my highlights...

January, Waiting for my Luna to be born, she was super heavy and painful to carry.
February, My precious Luna Elise was born. The birth was so peaceful and so was she. 
March, WMC in Miami was so fun and although we did a lot of partying we did a lot of chillin at the beach too!
April, Raoul being away on tour was tough but bonding with my kids was priceless. It made me stronger.
May, Finding a cool playground in San Francisco for Niko and the best vintage store for moi. 
June, Hawaii with my boys! We really enjoyed our time with Niko at the beach.. 
July, Niko's birthday party was Yo Gabba Gabba themed, so awesome!
August, Went out with my girlfriends to see Raoul perform. So much fun! My friends were jumping on trampolines at 3am in the back of the warehouse party we ended up at. Danced all night with my buds!
September, Our first family vacation was joining Raoul on his Mexico Tour. I fell in love!
October, Niko's first time crying on a train. He loves trains but he didn't like going by himself.
November, Having some amazing friends celebrate my birthday with me was incredible. So much fun!
December, The best Christmas Ever. Glad we're through it but it was pretty magical.

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