Thursday, December 30, 2010

L.A. Beatdown

Last Saturday I went with Raoul to see him play. The show was at the Music Box on Hollywood Blvd. It was a sold out show and the crowd was showing so much love! It was Christmas day and they had a big Christmas tree and lots of presents on stage, it was awesome. I wanted to share pictures of the wallpaper backstage with you, its all of our favorite artists' magazine and record covers. I got to wear the dress I got for my birthday from my bf Liza, she really knows my style! And below there are a few pictures of our friends and of course my love Raoul aka 6Blocc. The funnest part for me was hanging in the dressing room, being on stage is tiring for me. I like to kick it. 

some of the pictures were taken by Regal D. Videos below taken by Brian DeeLow

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