Monday, December 20, 2010


My Luna gives me smiles every day, we talk and play with her big brother and she loves us so much! I am amazed by every little thing she does. She's a little talker. She chews on everything she grabs and loves paper the most. Any kind she can get her hands on, magazines, books, letters and bills. She's a funny little girl with a sweet personality. I am nothing but grateful to have the best baby in the world. Most importantly, both of my kids are super healthy and happy. Niko was napping while we recorded this, that's why it's so quiet. ;) 

Another cute vintage toy i found for Luna! this doll is pretty rare, its a "Little Miss Marker" doll they made after the movie. Since the movie didn't do so good, they didn't produce too many and the dude that sold it to me said the maker of the toy "Ideal" is rare to put out dolls. So, that's why it's pretty special I guess. I googled and found her on Amazon for $65, I scored her for $12. It caught my eye because she looks like Luna so much.

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