Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Ferry Ride with Tassia!

My fist post was about the ferry ride we took, way back when Niko was only 10 months old. I have been meaning to go back since it's just down the hill, in downtown. Today we got to go with my beautiful and talented friend Tassia. Since the time changed this week and it gets dark so early we were kinda late. We left the house around 2:30 but I had a rough start to my day. While I was getting the kids ready, I left Luna in front of the mirror of the closet door (she loves to look at herself). I was gone for less then a minute, just went to find Niko's socks in the living room. Niko tends to take off his socks if he's not wearing shoes. He also likes to take Luna's socks off. Well, as I went to get Niko's socks, Luna fell forward and hit her face. Just thinking about it gives me mixed emotions. I don't feel very stable at the moment since I'm so tired. When it happened, and I saw blood, I felt horrible. I should have been more cautious. She cried for a little bit and then was fine. She was able to eat and play afterward. It is a lesson learned, and I can not leave my Luna alone for a second now! My little Luna busted her lip and it's a bit swollen from one side on the top lip. I know, if you're judging, I already thought about it myself. Anyways, it was kinda chilly out and after this ferry ride I think I'm cool for a while. It's a nice 15 minute cruise but there really isn't much to do when you get to Coronado. That island is kinda overpriced and more about tourists.
There are some cool restaurants that would be perfect for a date but I can't even think about going on a date until after Thanksgiving. Luna slept in the car on our way down to the harbor and stayed asleep until after the ferry took off. Niko was happy in the best mood, acting silly and when the people behind us started playing with him and taking pictures he got shy and covered his face with his beanie. Oh my little Bee!

We found a yummy cupcake shop called Coronado Cupcakery... I'm not the one to eat cakes and pastries on the regular but they looked so yummy today and they had Mexican hot chocolate flavored cupcakes with cinnamon frosting! That's the one I went with, but of course Niko took over and I only got to have 2 small bites. He gets pushy when you put any kind of cake or chocolate in his face. The coolest thing about the ferry ride is the view. Downtown San Diego looks so peaceful from far away...

Luna and her busted lip :(

On our way back Niko was making Luna laugh, I could watch this video over and over...

Niko wore: Adidas jacket, Jeremy Fish shirt, crazy 8 jeans, Adidas shoes.

Luna wore: Old Navy shirt and jacket, Op pants, Hello Kitty headband -H&M, Converse shoes.

Mommy wore: G Star Raw Jacket, forever 21 dress, h&m tights, Minnetonka boots. (diaper bag, Betsey Johnson)

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