Thursday, November 11, 2010


So my birthday is coming up on November 21st. I don't expect to get my whole list, this is a list of things I love, need and want. If I could get a babysitter and have dinner with my girlfriends, I could skip this whole list. I am in need of some good buddy time. I do love presents though.. So here is my long wish list.. I could really make it bigger but today I am being modest ;)

Zara's is one store I am glad is not too close to me. I have only been to this store in Miami and Mexico and bought some really cute stuff. The one in Mexico had kids clothes and I almost died. The CUTEST coats and dresses but we were in a hurry to get to the next city and i had no time for shopping. We had stopped at a mall for food and of course I had to peek in there. Huge mistake, now I can't stop thinking about going up to Carlsbad which I think is an hour away.. It's far for me, but I need to go to Zara's and do some serious shopping there. I found these 2 on their website. A black and a floral, winter and summer. I am set. All I need is these two in my life. Ha! Yea right. I was only joking.

This is probably my favorite brand for shoes Seychelles makes the cutes styles for pretty much every occasion, they're good quality and affordable. These ankle boots seem to be just the perfect height for me too. I used to be able to RUN in stilettos and now I could only walk a block in heels before I start complaining. Motherhood has taken over, I miss wearing cool shoes. These days I wear the worlds most comfortable Ugg boots, Nike high tops, sandals, anything but the sexy painful shoes. I think these would be the best option for winter. I found these cheaper with FREE SHIPPING on here.

As you know, I am a Fafi lover. These shoes came out last year around Christmas time and while I was pregnant I didn't even think about getting them. When I did have the chance to get them I went with another pair. First I went with some cute suede Kensie shoes and then while I was in Miami, I got some Nike high tops instead of the Fafi Adidas. I like these two out of all the models. Not sure which I like best.

Sushi is haunting me in my dreams. Take out would be fine. I just need to have it as soon as possible before I burst into tears!

I have my eyes on some cute little 1930's-1940's cameras. I know the film and developing might be pricey but I will take this as a hobby. People usually have hobbies that cost a lot of money. This one could be mine, except I will have some cool pictures!

I am currently obsessed with thigh high socks and found some online at Nordstrom but I need to look around more so I can wear them with my Seychelles ankle boots ;)
I don't know where I 'll wear it to... but I will wear it. Even if it's to target!

2 months with the kiddos and not having any chance to take a real break or sleep in. I have the worst back pain right now.. I'm seriously in mommy boot camp so a babysitting pass would be AWESOME! Even if it's for 2 hours, I would appreciate every minute of silence. I do love my kiddos, don't get me wrong, I just need a break!

Manicure and Pedicure from Lulu's by Travis Parker. This is close to home, and its a small shop but very cute. I love the service and always leave happy. I got sesame street feet right now, really!

This vintage globe would look cute in our living room. I always need to google maps so I know exactly where Raoul is... This is just a must have for me. I tried looking for one at the swap meet and didn't have any luck. I will find one sooner or later! this one was found on etsy.

This is such a mom thing to do, request a kitchen item as a gift. Well, they are cute and I do need cute salt and peppers shakers in my kitchen! found on etsy.

I had a Brazilian blowout done in March, it was amazing! I loved the way my hair felt and looked. It's pretty much a frizz controller, not a straightener. It deposits vitamins and minerals into the hair which makes it shiny and soft. I still had to blow dry or flat iron my hair but its easier to do with this. My friend Tassia is supposed to hook up my hair as soon as Raoul gets back. My poor hair is having its worst days lately :( roots like a mutha!

ring found on etsy.


thinkpriddy said...

how funny! i was searching my zara dress in google and your site came up! wearing it tonight :)

lizziedoesit said...

no way! you bought it?! awesome!!

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