Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Harbor!

After so many years of living in San Diego, we finally took a ride on the ferry! I know I've been on that boat before but I can't remember exactly... I do remember spitting my gum out to the ocean and it landing on an old ladies lap.. So embarrassing! The exciting part now was to take Niko there. It takes off from the Harbor in downtown San Diego and arrives in 15 minutes in Coronado. We were lucky to go on a Tuesday so we got to go to the farmer's market. It's a pretty small group of vendors but they had very sweet and very delicious strawberries! I recommend you take a ferry ride whenever you have the chance. It's $6.50 round trip and takes off every hour. It's great for a date or just spending time with the kids. Once you get to Coronado, there's a couple restaurants with yummy seafood and a beautiful view!!!

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