Monday, October 25, 2010


These have been some tough days while the kids had a stomach virus. Lots of vomiting and crying around here. When one cries, the other one cries. Yesterday I woke up to my little girl chocking on her vomit. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. I did take these photos of my Luna Elise today, while she was in a good mood. She is 8 months old, has 8 teeth and hair 5 inches long. She has got 3 bang cuts already. Bang cut number one at Oasis Salon in Bay Park, bang cut number 2 at Jean Claude Salon & Spa in Hillcrest and bang cut number 3 at Mari's house last week. I think my baby girl has grown too fast. Time is flying!

Luna is wearing an embroidered Mexican dress, we got it from Mexico City.

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Marcela said...

I'm so sorry the kids were so sick...that dress, she looks way too cute! She has a lot of hair! That is how I am, Audrey not so much, very thin hair which I'm sure she will hate when she grows up.

I love the flowers on the dress!

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