Saturday, October 23, 2010

I love the 70's!

My favorite decade, 1970's. The clothes, music, it's all ME!
I do wish I witnessed it myself. But in a way I time travel with vintage clothes, and used records.
Boz Scaggs performing "Lowdown" (1976) He's one funky white boy!

Sylvester music video "You make me feel mighty real" (1978) BEST WORK OUT SONG EVER!

Beach Babes circa 1970

coolest cats ever.. Andy Warhol and the factory crew

1970 Kotex Ad.

The Whispers "And the beat goes on" (1979) This is a good song to live by. Optimism is key!

Pink Flamingos movie trailer (1972) Produced by John Waters.
Crazy shocking movie for its time. One of my favorites.
Viewer discretion is advised ;) Hello NC-17! I pretty much love all the soundtracks to John Waters films too..

Gotta make Luna's tutu for tomorrow!!
Cheers to a DYNO-MITE weekend!!

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